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Hi! My name's Anna.


I'm a qualified ESL teacher from the UK. I’m currently living in Bali, Indonesia where I’ve been teaching English in the classroom and online to all ages and abilities for more than two years.


I understand how difficult it can be to overcome the fears and obstacles of learning a new language (like speaking!), but also how great it feels to reach a milestone in your language development. For example, when you order a coffee in a cafe for the first time, or when you have a conversation with someone you do not know in a foreign country! I want to help you get there by both creating a relaxing environment where you can grow in confidence and ability, and teaching you at your speed.


I offer conversation-based lessons, with real-life content, personalised to match your individual needs and goals.


** Personal interests: meeting people from around the world, travelling and writing, reading & researching about society, gender & environmental issues. **


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch,


I look forward to hearing from you!

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