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Hey, my name is Dom and I love languages and travelling. Originally from the UK, I spent six years after I graduated living in China. Whilst in China I especially enjoyed learning about the culture, history, cuisine and of course learning the language. Language learning has become a passion of mine and as well as Chinese I am also learning French and German.

I have taught English for seven years and in many different situations. I have taught people of all ages and abilities from basic English to kindergarten students to advanced English to non-native English teachers looking to improve their own teaching, and business English to bank managers who need to use the language when dealing with international clients.


 In my classes I aim to focus on things which my students find interesting and useful, we will focus on conversation, speaking and listening skills, but if you want to improve your reading and writing I definitely have the skills and knowledge to help you do so. Mainly I believe free talking is the best way to improve in a language, though I may also give you articles, videos and other resources to read, watch or listen to in your free time which we can then analyse and discuss in class. My main aim is to be flexible to the wants and needs of my students, so whichever method you prefer, I will try to accommodate.

As a teacher I aim to be friendly and flexible and to put your needs first, and I hope that you will be able to experience this first hand when you book a trial lesson with me.

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